Registration for 2018 -2019 Scouting year will be Tuesday Sept 24 at 6:30p.m at St. Bartholomew's - call 519 328-4546 Rob Tuer, you can also email for more information. 

23rd St. Bartholomew’s Cubs

Cubbing at St. Bart’s is part of the world wide Scouting organization that contributes to the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of young youth between the ages of 8 and 11. The cub programme is enriched with a variety of activities that both challenge and reward the youth. Particular emphasis is placed on outdoor activities, and the environment. We have a well developed programme under the leadership of our Akela, Rob Tuer, who has been with Scouts Canada for over 33 years. Along with several experienced leaders, Rob, under the sponsorship of St. Bartholomew’s Church, offers this programme to the young boys of the community at large.
We meet for our regular meeting every Tuesday night from September to early June at 7 P.M. in the Church basement at St. Bart’s. We do not meet during the summer months, or at any other time the cubs are not in school. Our meetings last for 1&1/2 hours and end at 8:30 P.M.
During our meeting the cubs have an opportunity to play games, pass badge and star work with leaders, develop their social skills and learn about responsibility. During the year our meetings are enhanced with special events such as craft nights, Halloween party, Christmas party, and guest speakers.
During the year there are certain National Scout events that we participate in such as Apple Day, Trees for Canada, and Kub Kar Racing.
As a group, we offer two camp outings per year and a major trip at the end of the year. Cub Camp for everyone takes place in early September at the Scout Camp (adjacent to Pinery Provincial Park) where all the cubs sleep in small cabins. In February we take the last year cubs on an overnight camp to our heated cabin at the Scout Camp. The rest of the pack joins us in the morning for a day of games and outdoor cooking. Our major trip in early June goes from a Thursday to Sunday. We always stay in a church basement at our base city. There are five trips that rotate; Barrie & Huronia, Montreal, Toronto, Brockville & St. Lawrence Valley, and Ottawa.

We have some openings in our pack for cubs. If you are interested in becoming a member of St. Bart’s Cub Pack, or would like more information, please feel free to contact:
Rob Tuer @ 519 328-4546 or 

2018-2019 Events

Cub camp: The first weekend after cubs meet back in September, the pack goes on a weekend camp to Attawandron, the Scout facility beside the Pinery Provincial Park. All cubs are welcome, including 1st year cubs and 4th year cubs, which are moving on to scouts. The cubs stay in the Burr lodge circle of cabins with meals in Burr Lodge. For the cubs, it’s an opportunity to experience camping, as a cub, with their friends, six and leaders. For many cubs this is the first time camping without their parents. This is an opportunity to learn how to enjoy the outdoors, the camping experience while responsible for their own gear, all under the supervision of experienced leaders.

Friday night until Sunday morning, the cubs participate in outside activities like hiking, sand sculpturing, games on the Attawandron sand hills, activities around the camp like a scavenger hunt, crafts and games. Hi-lights are the evening campfires (with those favorite campfire songs) and Saturday afternoon guest speaker. Some may think the hi-light is being woken up by Akela at 7 A.M. to start the day in spite of the chill in the air.

It has been a great way to start off another year of cubbing, with our annual fun trek to the center of Mother Nature.

Apple Day: is one of our major fundraisers for our group. Each group in Bluewater Area participates in Apple Day to their best ability. Apple Day is a means of financial support to our group. These funds are used for camps, outings, crafts, and many other Scouting functions necessary to run the cub pack effectively. Each cub will receive an Apple Day Badge as a token for his participation. All cubs and leaders who participate should wear full uniforms. Please note that ALL CUBS must be under the supervision of an adult at all times.

The tradition of full uniform is to be maintained when in public and, for Apple Day, a decorated basket is appreciated. The cubs are expected to stand outside the businesses, staying clear of the doors (especially the automated types). Each cub is informed that they are required to request a donation and not sell an apple. The apple is Scouting’s way of saying “THANK YOU”. The cubs are always given a quick reminder of the use of “PLEASE AND THANK YOU”.

Halloween party: Each year on the last Tuesday before Halloween we hold our Halloween party. The cubs are invited to arrive in costume. Judges are on hand to award prizes to the three best homemade costumes. We do such activities as pumpkin carving, visit a haunted house and bob for apples. The highlight of the evening is the thrill of diving for the candy when the cubs finally break the piniata.

Church Bazaar: In October, the Church holds their annual Christmas Bazaar at which time the cubs participate by having the sixers and seconders man the book and toy tables.

Cub Bazaar: This is an annual event to raise funds for a donation to St. Bartholmew’s Church as a ‘thank you’ for our excellent facilities. The first $300 profit will be donated for some item, which will enhance those facilities. Any additional profit goes into Pack funds.

Christmas Party: Each year at Christmas, the cub pack holds a special meeting – a Christmas party. We start the meeting earlier than usual, and the cubs and leaders get together for a full course turkey dinner – prepared by the leaders and some special helpers. No party would be complete without guest and so after dinner, we invite the cub’s parents and other family members to join us for games and refreshments. After the games are finished, we hold a brief Christmas service in the church. Some of the cubs are asked to read parts of the Christmas Story, and in between each read, we sing Christmas carols.

In the spirit of Christmas each cub is asked to bring a donation of food or a small gift, which we deliver to the Salvation Army.

Winter Camp: The winter camp is broken into two parts. The first part of the camp is held on a Friday, on which the third year cubs are able to go up to the camp and spent the night in a cabin. During the night and the next morning the third year cubs are introduced to basic survival techniques which they will learn more about if they chose to go on to Scouts.

Cook-out/ Tobogganing: The second part of the winter camp is for the whole pack to participate in. This part allows all of the cubs to come up to the camp and go tobogganing (if the weather permits), go on a hike and cook a meal over an open fire. The camp is a great time for the cubs to get out of the house and have some fun, and also gets them off your hands for a few hours. Of course, parents are always needed to help with the driving, so it can be a fun experience for the parents as well.

Kub Kar Rally: Bluewater Area sponsors a Kub Kar rally each year in February or March. There are two steps to participating: building a car, and then racing it.

Car making kits are sold at cubs for $4.50 each (they make a nice Christmas present!) The cars easily assembled and can be shaped and decorated in just about any way imaginable. While it is a good opportunity for the cubs to work with one or both parents on the car, the parents should only provide guidance – it is, after all, the cub’s car!

The rally takes place on a Saturday. Cubs throughout Bluewater Area bring their cars to be weighed and registered (all cars must be a specified weight). The cubs run their cars through several heats before the semi - finals and finals are held. Awards are given for the fastest cars, best-designed cars, and most unique cars.

Cubs from our pack have won awards in all of these categories, and several of our cubs have competed at regional Kub Kar rally, where winners from the various Areas compete.

Parent/Son Dinner: In recognition of Lord Baden Powell’s Birthday, each year on a Tuesday evening in late February, nearest his birthday, all of the sections gather together for a meal. Each parent is asked to provide a dish for supper. The cubs are encouraged to attend with a parent or guardian. The banquet is also used as a time to show the parents some of the accomplishments the cubs have made in the previous year, as well as recognize the service records of the leaders.

Sleep-over: This is so the cubs have a chance to bond with their fellow cubs in a sleep-away from home atmosphere before we go on our annual trip. When the cubs are away on the trip, they will be sleeping in a similar situation-together in the gym of a church. We will be playing games as well as having some semi-education instruction for the trip, such as we will be showing slides from our last trip and some discussion on what the cubs will be experiencing.

Trips in June: Each year in early June we end our cub year with a major trip, which goes from Thursday to Sunday. We hire a bus with a driver who stays with us for the duration of the trip. We always arrange to stay in a church basement or auditorium at our destination city. Touring is done on Friday and Saturday and some on early Sunday when we start home. We eat one major meal a day at a class A restaurant and have our breakfast and supper at the church. There are Six trips, which are rotated so that no cub should be on the same trip twice. Our trips revolve between Huronia where we stay in Midland, Montreal, Toronto, Niagra Falls, the St. Lawrence Valley where we stay in Brockville, & Ottawa. Each trip consists of many educational as well as fun stops, and many of the places we visit, can be used by the cubs towards their star requirements.

As a reminder to the parents of our Cubs, please ensure that you do not send along with your cub(s) any food that may contain peanuts or other nuts. We have a couple of cubs who have a SEVERE allergy to peanuts. If these cubs are in contact with peanuts, their body’s reaction to the food can be life threatening. Please help these cubs by taking extra care when sending along treats, or packed lunches to all Cubbing events.

If you have any questions on this condition or ways to prevent contact with peanuts, please feel free to call Rob Tuer (Akela) at 519 328-4546

Thank you, for your help keeping the cub pack safe for all our boys.



Rob Tuer (AKELA)

David Allison (RAMA)

Shiekh Mohammed (HATHI)

T.J. Knowles (KOTIC)

Steve Savage (MESA)

John Tidball (SHIV)

Ted Scott (CHIL)

Thomas Allison (KO)

Jon Tebbens (BAGHEERA) 

Doug Thibert (IAGOO)

Joe Anger (WAWBECK)



Terri Elliott

 Kub Kar Specifications

These specifications supersede the rules contained in the Kub Kar Kit

1) The car must be built in the current racing year.
2) LENGTH – Overall length shell not be more then 7inches or 177.8 millimeters.
3) WIDTH – Overall width including wheels is not to exceed 69.85 millimeters or 2 ¾ inches.
4) WIDTH – Inside width between wheels shall not be less than 44.45 millimeters or 1 ¾ inches.
5) HEIGHT – Overall height shall not exceed 3 1/8 inches or 79.375 millimeters.
6) WEIGHT – Total weight shell not exceed 5 ounces or 141.75 grams (No Buckshot Allowed)
7) CAR CHASSIS – Clearance between the chassis and the track shell be no less than 9.525 millimeters or 3/8ths of an inch.
8) CAR CHASIS AT FRONT – Shell clear the track by no more than 5/8 inches or 15.875 millmeters.
9) GRAPHITE – No graphite will be allowed under ANY conditions.
10) WHEELS & AXLES – Wheels & Axles from the kit only. They shall not be altered except for light sanding to remove burrs, etc. Wheels bearings, washers, bushings, etc. are prohibited.
11) LOOSE MATERIAL – No loose material of any kind is permitted on the car. The car may be hollowed our and built up to the maximum weight by addition of metal, etc. provided it is SECURELY BUILT INTO THE BODY OF THE CAR.
12) SPRINGS – The car shell not ride on any kind of springs.
13) DETAILS – Details such as steering wheel, driver, decals, painting, interior detailing, etc. are permissible as long as these details along with the car do not exceed the maximum weight, width, height, & length specifications. The BOTTOM of the car must not be painted (No Exceptions)
14) ATTACHMENTS – The car must be free-wheeling with no starting devices. The cars cannot be propelled by any means except gravity.
15) FORWARD POSITION – The car must be raced in a FORWARD direction only. The front of the car will be determined at registration.
16) The car must not be of a manufactured type (i.e. model kit)

NOTE – Kub Kars are subject to inspection by an official inspection committee to determine eligibility.

 2018- 2019 SCHEDULE

First meeting..………....Sept 11........…................….All
Cub camp.......…….Sept 14/15/16...................….....All
See 2018 Photos

Popcorn drive..….……..Sept 18….....….........…......All

Apple Day....................Sept 29 - Sept 30..................All
Parents meeting & Investiture……Oct 16……….1st year cubs & Family
Popcorn drive due….......Oct 23….….……….………All
Halloween party....……...Oct 30………………..........All 

Church Bazaar.…….........????......……….............Sixers & Seconders

Cub Chrismas Bazaar..................Dec 1..…........…....All
Christmas party (last meeting).....Dec 11............…....All

Restart........……......Jan 9...........................…............All

Winter camp.................Feb ??..................................Last year cubs
Cookout / Tobogganing.....(Next day)........................All & Parents
Hike for Hunger……....Feb ??………………………..All & Parents
Parent/Son dinner.......Feb 19….....……..….......…...All & Parents

School Break - NO CUBS.......March 12….........……...….All
Kub Kar Rally..........................March 24th........................All & Family 

Final meeting @ Canatara Park..….. May 28th…………....All
Trip to Huronia…………............May 30 June 2………...….All

Note: these dates may change slightly. They are only estimates.

Upcoming Schedule:

Sept. 25, 2018 - Apple Day Basket Decorations - Bring a basket and supplies to decorate it with!

Opening: Akela/ Kotic
Lair game: Shiv
Games: Wawbeck, Ko, Iagoo
Campfire: Bagheera
Closing: Akela / Chil

Apple Day Weekend: Sept 28 - 30 - Sign up for a time slot. Bring your best smile and clean uniform.

Oct. 2, 2018

Opening: Akela/ Chil
Lair game: Ko
Games: Rama, Iagoo, Kichi
Campfire: Wawbeck
Closing: Akela / Bagheera

October 9, 2018

Opening: Akela / Ko
Lair Game: Bagheera
Games: Grey Brother, Wawbeck, Rama
Campfire: Kichi
Closing: Akela / Iagoo

Octber 16, 2018
Parents meeting & Investiture of 1st year cubs 
Bring your family and your camera's!