23rd Sarnia Beaver Colony - 2018


Happy New Year 2018!!!


January 9th - "Your Ideas' Night".


January 16 - Fun & Games. 


Save The Date!  February 24th Hike For Hunger. Collecting food items for The Inn of the Good Shepherd.


Januray  23 - Cars & vehicles night. ALSO....Northern Light Tails Ceremony.


January 30 - Greenfish Art Studio (please arrive by 6:15).


February 6 - Field Trip.....Sarnia Public Library (please arrive by 5:30 p.m.).


February 13 - Winter Olympics & Campfire at Condor's!


February 20 - Lord Baden Powell Parent/Son Banquet, Central United Church.


Saturday, February 24th - HIKE FOR HUNGER.


February 27 - National Polar Bear Day.


March 6 - Science Experiment Night.


No Meeting March 13th as it is March Break.


March 20 - Superhero Night.


March 27 - Easter Theme.


April 3 - World Party Day.





 Activities 2017

  Apple Day


Grateful Beavers



 "Caught the Big One...!" - Fishing Night at Twin Lakes


 Our Beavers - Salvation Army Kettle Community Contribution

The Beaver Colony

Beavers is a unique program of Scouts Canada that offers fun, friendship and adventure to youth ages 5-7 years old by providing interactive opportunities for outdoor activities, creative play, music, cooperative games, community projects and field trips and camp weekends. Beavers enjoy time with their colony friends, learn how to get along within a group and care for their community and develop their personal self-worth
Beavers are a vital part of the community in which they live and we incorporate many field trips and activities within the local community for the youth to experience and learn about the many important parts within their community. We sometimes have the “community” (community groups or individuals) come to us at our regular meetings on special theme nights.

Beaver Scout Promise:
I promise to love God and help take care of the world.


Beaver Scout Law:
A Beaver has fun, works hard and helps his family and friends.


Beaver Scout Motto:
Sharing, Sharing, Sharing


Beavers learn about co-operation and getting along with others through non-competitive games, crafts, music, campÔ¨Āres, and outdoor activities such as family camping and nature walks. The Beaver motto is "Sharing, Sharing, Sharing". Some things the Beavers have done:

•Overnight camp at Camp Attawandron
•Hikes and conservation walks
•Trail clean-up
•Swimming at the Rotary Centre
•Build Bird Houses, Rock Wall Climbing, Scavenger Hunts, LEGO Building, Beaver Buggy Races, Kiwanis Animal Farm Visit.

The fun and learning continues in 2016

Beavers have weekly evening meetings plus occasional weekend events. The Beaver Colony is lead by  volunteers from the community. All volunteers complete a screening process.


Tuesdays, 6:30 to 7:45 PM at St Giles Church on Lakeshore Rd., Sarnia



Leader: "River Banks."
Beavers: Form two lines holding hands (River Banks).
Leader: "Chopping Position"
Beavers: take crouching position, both hands in Beaver Salute.
Leader: "Who are you and what do you do?"
Beavers: Beavers, Beavers, Beavers,
Beavers: Sharing, Sharing, Sharing,"
Beavers: "Ooo-oo-OO!",
Beavers: Leap up to do a Tail Slap (clap hands behind back


This ceremony accomplishes the collection of the Beavers’ "dues" done at the beginning of each meeting. Beavers bring "food for the Beaver" (their dues) into the dam to feed Big Brown Beaver, by putting the "food" either into a slot in Big Brown Beaver or into a dish in front of him.


Leader: "River Banks."
Beavers: Form two lines holding hands (River Banks).
Leader: "Lodge"
Beavers: Beaver position (seated cross-legged). Beavers: Say sleepy sound "Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh, sh"
Leader: Claps his/her hands once.
Beavers: All quite.
Beavers (Softly say) "Sleeping, Sleeping, Sleeping."
Leader: Raises an arm above the head.
Beavers: Follow the action.
All: Slap on the floor in front of themselves.
Leader: "Good night and busy building tomorrow."
Beavers: "Good night, (name of the leader)".


For more information contact: Brenda Dunn (Rainbow) @